Apr 302013


Come one Come all!  This weekend John Milleker, Michelle Barkdoll, and I will be at the Civil War Reenactment at the Living History Museum in Westminister demonstrating Wet Plate Collodion Photography.  In the past we’ve gone to the reenactment to photograph the happenings (and I admit, my digital and film camera may be in attendance, to get a few pictures this year also).  Love watching the battle they do in the afternoon and walk around an talk to the reenactors.  It’s great fun and I encourage anyone who would consider it to come out!

Jun 182010

This year on May 1st and 2nd at the Carroll County Farm House Museum in Westminister, MD I attended the annual Civil War Living History Re-Enactment with a few photographer friends.  Events like this is a photographer’s dream! There are so many angles that can be taken at an event such as this.  There were re-enactors  of family life, a battle to photography, and just every day moments in family life that could be photographed.  There were people there demonstrating how things were done in history including some physicians and blacksmiths.  There was also music being played by a group, and by individuals.

One of the challenges was to  not be overwhelmed by all there was to see and forget to photograph!  For someone who wanted semi-authentic pictures, it was difficult in some situations to take out the spectators or the things that are modern and not period.  I found cars in the back ground of many of my pictures or spectators not in period garb, but the event is there to teach people about history, not just to live the life style of that era.

Events such as this are great because a photographer can help the re-en-actors teach those who come to the events by catching the moments that take you back in time.  Photographers can catch some of the moments that may make one chuckle such as children dressed in period garb gathering around a vending machine that is very obviously a modern convenience.  One can catch a demonstrator teaching and advertise the events for what it is, an educational experience.  It is also a way to escape from the modern world and life a lifestyle that is very different from what we live today (if becoming one of the re-en-actors).

The Civil War Living History Re-Enactment at the Carroll County Farm Museum was a lot of fun to attend and is a great place for people of all ages.  Photographers, historians, or even those who want a great family activity will love it.  I have more pictures posted on my Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cwiddy/sets/72157623980307704/.

For more information about the Carroll County Farm House Museum and events it sponsors can be found at: http://ccgovernment.carr.org/ccg/farmmus/events.asp.  Information about this specific event can be found at http://ccgovernment.carr.org/ccg/farmmus/docs/civil-war.pdf.  And more information about Civil War Re-enacting can be found at http://www.cwreenactors.com/index.php.