Apr 302013


Come one Come all!  This weekend John Milleker, Michelle Barkdoll, and I will be at the Civil War Reenactment at the Living History Museum in Westminister demonstrating Wet Plate Collodion Photography.  In the past we’ve gone to the reenactment to photograph the happenings (and I admit, my digital and film camera may be in attendance, to get a few pictures this year also).  Love watching the battle they do in the afternoon and walk around an talk to the reenactors.  It’s great fun and I encourage anyone who would consider it to come out!

Aug 272012

This Spring I had the honor of discovering an new local attraction that I never new existed.  A friend heard about a Dam and Azalea Garden near Columbia, Maryland and we decided to check it out.  I have to say that it is a beautiful area and the Dam itself offers a nice habitat for geese and some other wild life to enjoy.  Fishermen can go there, although I do want to put out the reminder that this is an area shared by other people and other species, so please clean up after yourself and don’t leave fishing lines out where it can harm other wild life!



First we saw the beautiful picnic area down by the dam and then we went and walked around the Azalea Garden, which has Azaleas in many different colors and several different sizes.  It was fun to walk around, get some fresh air, and see and photograph these beautiful flowers and the local wildlife.  Definitely keeping this place in mind for next year to visit again!




Of note, there are also beautiful Dogwood trees in the Azalea Garden.  There is fun to be had here by people of all ages and even the family pet can go and have fun.  There is picnic tables, and even a pavilion for special events.


Aug 222012

Jelly Fish

Living near Baltimore there are many places I try to visit at least every couple of years.  As I have friends and family come visit who don’t live in the area, I make it to some of these sites more often then when they aren’t here visiting.  It is very easy to take for granted the sites in DC, Baltimore, and Annapolis, let alone all the other areas near by.  My last visit to the Baltimore Aquarium was this past April, and it made me want to make it there to visit more often.

When I went there was still an official Dolphin show taking place several times a day, and I hear now that is not the case, but visitors can still go watch the trainers interact with the dolphins and can pay extra to spend a day assisting the trainers/or become trainers for the day.

There are many fish and exhibits to be seen that can teach young and old alike about our oceans and water ways.  There are even special exhibits that occur sometimes.  When I went there was a special Jelly Fish Exhibit to capture the visitors imaginations.  The fish are beautiful and there is lots to learn along the way.  The aquarium has activities for children and lots of information that is fun for the adult visitors, too.  I’d recommend a trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore to anyone who is contemplating it!


Aug 282011

This past week has seen several natural disasters here in Maryland.  I’m sorry to say I don’t have pictures to share.  I guess I should have gone out this morning when the tail end of Irene buffeted at Maryland, but it was dark through the worse and didn’t think flash would do it credit.


For the earthquake I was at work at Children’s National Medical Center in DC, so slightly closer then I would have been if at home.  I swear that I thought a 500lb person was jumping up and down between the floors or in the room next door.  The booms that came with the shaking helped me have that idea.  I didn’t feel any of the aftershocks…and truthfully just kept working and taking care of my patients.  That was the end of it all for me.  I did look at pictures online and such, but other then a crack on a door jam at my boyfriend’s house and a few things falling to the floor in my room at home that took me a whole 30 seconds to clean up that night, that was the end.


Hurricane Irene affected me a whole lot more.  It lasted a lot longer, the winds and rains kept me looking out the window, and my home has been without power since about 3:30 am, although I haven’t been there.  I do feel bad for my Mom, step-father, and brother.  They’ve had to go through the day without power and who knows exactly how soon it will be back up.  I sure hope they get it back tonight or tomorrow!  I spent the day Saturday glued to the tv watching all the news on the storm, staying awake until about 2, at least I think I was awake that long.  I may have fallen asleep about 1 for a while, but went to bed about 2:30.  I got up this morning and by mid-day the sun was shining.


I do wish this storm didn’t go through, the worst part being that my plans to attend the Jimmy Buffett concert with my sister on Saturday evening was postponed until Thursday.  That is a much less convenient time, but luckily I can still make it.  The 3 days of work afterwards may be a bit harder, but I get to see a great artist and get some much needed time with my other half.  Don’t get near enough time with my sister!


Mother nature sure has been letting herself be known lately.  I don’t know the meaning behind that, but maybe she is trying to show us humans that we can’t control everything.  We have limits and as hard as we try there is going to be upheavals, there is going to be deaths, and the air, sea, or land is unpredictable.  They can shake, rock, and roll with no notice.  Life is full of unknowns, and we have to always be ready for them.  Sometimes I think that is what makes life worth living.  If we could control everything what would be the adventure in that?

Oct 252010

Today I spent the day in Frederick with my sister and niece.  Towards the end of the day we were at Bakers’ Field, a park there and I saw this fella scratching his nose after giving himself a bath in a little pond located in the park.  I have to say that it was funny watching him and his playmates.  🙂  It was also a great day with my sister and niece!