Jul 132012

So I’m going to really try to be better at this blog thing…and post at least once, if not twice a week.  I’m going to share my adventures (including such events as going to Myrtle Beach, trips to Ocean City,  and white water rafting the New River in West Virginia) and my Interests (NASA, Airshows,  Hapkido, and photography including black and white film and even exploring wet plate (ambrotypes) and Cyanotypes).  Come along with me and maybe we’ll all learn something together!

Jan 102010

I sit here and look at a lot of my recent photographs and realize that I have been shooting a lot of black and white film.  I don’t know what it is about it, but it just draws me in.  I even find myself looking at my digital prints and think about converting some of them to black and white.



Maybe it’s the romance one thinks of with black and white?  Maybe it’s the contrasty tones and noise behind the photos, but I find myself shooting a lot on the walking trail behind my house.  I love the blacks, greys, and whites that I see in the nature photos.  I love to shoot my grandfather in black and white, and even my niece who is only 2 years old.  One of my absolute favorite photos I have of her is in black and white.  I won’t be posting that one here as this is a public blog, but here is another of my recent favorites of her.

clip was missing

Film has its own trials, especially when developing it oneself.  The second time I tried to develop we discovered as I was getting ready to put it in the changing bag to spool it and put it in the developing tank we realized that the top clip was missing.  John had gotten some bulk film and put it in film canisters himself and I guess this one lost the clip somewhere along the way.  I have to admit I kinda like the effect.  See how the light went in through the holes?  This is a live and learn hobby!   Hope I learn enough not to re-do past mistakes!  I know I have a lot more to learn and I’m loving every minute of it.