Jul 132012

So I’m going to really try to be better at this blog thing…and post at least once, if not twice a week.  I’m going to share my adventures (including such events as going to Myrtle Beach, trips to Ocean City,  and white water rafting the New River in West Virginia) and my Interests (NASA, Airshows,  Hapkido, and photography including black and white film and even exploring wet plate (ambrotypes) and Cyanotypes).  Come along with me and maybe we’ll all learn something together!

Oct 012010

Today I was busy, but I knew where I wanted to get today’s photo (though when this will be posted will be just after midnight…so I guess this was yesterday’s photo).  I went to my Chakra Practicum and then afterwards when to my Hapkido class.  I had a great workout and ran through all my self defense and at the end of the night realized I hadn’t gotten any pictures, so while Mr. Chris, my instructor at United Hapkido in Eldersburg Maryland, gave a couple private lessons, I took a few pictures including this one of him.  I was also experimenting with my flash.  Don’t like using it, but sometimes it is necessary.  Loved bouncing it off the ceiling in this setting.