May 152011

So today I had the opportunity of a life time!  I, along with the other Tweeps who were able to come back to Kennedy Space Shuttle, had the chance to watch the retraction of the RSS.  What does that mean?  It means we watched as the scaffolding that protects Endeavour (in this case) from the weather, and allows easy access for personnel to perform repairs and access the shuttle easily once it is moved to the Launch Pad (in this case Launch Pad 39A).  We got to stand about 600 meters away from the shuttle as it was slowly revealed.  We could see the movement better then the media, but they got to see a straight on view…but our bus paused on the way out to allow us the chance to photograph that view.


All I can say is WOW!  It was just amazing to be that close to the shuttle.  I couldn’t get tired of the view, we got to stand there about 2 hours and savor the opportunity.  I hope the everyone enjoys the photos that I am honored to share with you!  See my Flickr Site for all the photos I shared from today.