May 142011

I don’t fly out of Baltimore until this afternoon, leave about 5:40 (and hopefully everything will be on time, even with the rain!), but about to leave for part 2 of the STS-134 NASATweetup.  I’m excited, exhausted, and ready to watch and meet up with my many new friends from the Tweetup.  My fingers are crossed that there are no malfunctions and that the weather cooperates!  When I tell people here at home about my adventures and how it happened they look at me like I’m crazy, then tell me to bring home some pictures.  That is no problem as I already have a plan to execute and I hope to get a few good reminders of this chance of a life time!  I wish my friends and family could all be there with me, but since that can’t be, I can at least try to capture a bit of the magic as it happens.  Endeavour is going to launch, and my NASATweetup friends and I will be there to watch!!