May 082011


I’m sorry that this update has been a while in coming, but the day of the Scrub of the launch of Endeavour, I just was so disappointed I couldn’t write about it.  I just talked myself into editing the photos and videos from that day and posting them.  So along with that I can now share the end of (hopefully Part 1) of my NASA Tweetup adventures.

Friday dawned rainy and a bit breezy, but all the news we were receiving was that by afternoon it would clear and there was a 70% chance of launch due to weather.  We headed out to the Tweetup and made sure we were early to set up Tripods along the shoreline.  We had a bit of a longer walk because of the increased number of people coming we had to park further out.  Went and set up my Tripod right along the shoreline of the Media area, and was quite happy with my spot.  As I was placing my Tripod I turned around and watch a happy couple who had both managed to become a part of the Tweetup get engaged, right by the count-down clock.  That added some romance to the Tweetup.  🙂  It put a big smile on my face.  I walked around and got a few pictures, but my plan really was to get most my pictures during the launch.

The morning programs began and we had several speakers including 2 Astronauts: Ricky Arnold and Leland Melvin.  Then we had a speaker who was ultimately in charge of deciding if the weather was in favor of the launch.  Then it was time for a lunch break before we headed out towards the road to watch the Astrovan drive past on it’s way to the Launch Pad, stopping at the VAB right in front of us.  This was the part of the day when things went down hill.  We saw the Helicoptor that leads the van, then we saw the escort and the van…it pulled into the VAB like it was supposed to…BUT…it stayed there longer then it should have…and when it finally came back out, it turned around and it was then that we learned that the Launch was a Scrub due to a problem they were having with a heating unit on the Shuttle.  The disappointment all around was strongly felt.  We were told that they were going to try again on Sunday or Monday.  Some of us had time constraints.  But it was in a way due to the scrub that I made a few closer friends then I would have met otherwise.

I stayed a little longer hoping that things would work out for the launch, which it didn’t and has now been postponed at least twice more, but I have to say, I wouldn’t have traded the experiences I had for anything!  With any luck I will be able to go back to see the Launch.  We are still cleared to go back whenever the Launch does occur, we just won’t have our nice tent with electrical outlets and extra wi-fi in the area for us to communicate with the world.  But if I can work it out at work, I will be there, with all my friends sharing the moment when Endeavour lifts off into the heavens and vanishes into space.  🙂