Apr 232011

This weekend has been a time of preparing.  Thursday night I looked up the weather reports (which as know won’t be the MOST accurate, but gave me a guide as to what to pack).  I then packed clothes and toiletries.  I started thinking about what electronics to bring.  I know I’m taking 2 Canon 40Ds, my Canon G12, my 70-200mm lens, 24-70 mm lens, 10-22 mm lens, 2X Extender, 1.4X Extender, Kindle, Laptop, iPod, and of course my Android.  I have chargers and USB cables a-plenty!  I also made sure I had plenty of back up for my pictures/videos.  I have a 100 GB Hyperdrive I’m bringing and I’ll have my laptop.  I have a couple USB drives that may be going too, just so I can make sure.  I don’t want to loose my documentation of this awesome experience!  I made sure my iPod was updated, same with my laptop, and GPS.  I plan to take sunscreen, have a couple hats packed (including my NASA one!), and need to find some bug spray somewhere as I don’t have any.  My tripod is packed in my suitcase with my clothes and toiletries.  Friday I read up on some things I thought I should know and kept asking questions and trying to organize myself.

I’ve been talking with John Milleker (my boyfriend) who has been through all this before (as he was at the NASA STS-132 Tweetup).  He’s going to give me suggestions for photographing the event, he’s already suggested that I pack a lunch for both days as the place you can get food at NASA is quite a walk he said and entire break was spent walking back and forth.  Want to socialize, but want to best utilize my time there, too!  Hope I can find  somewhere to get a good sandwich and perhaps a cheap way to keep it cold, too (most sandwiches I like are best cold!).  Maybe I’ll pack a small lunch bag.  Plan to get water to take with me, too.

Today I’m formatting all my CF cards and my SDHC cards.  They will all be ready to go by the end of today.  I’ve also asked John to clean my gear (cameras and lenses).  I’m ordering a couple last minute things I think may help me at the event (pray they come in time!) and rethinking all I’ve prepared so far.  Have a few snacks ready to pack and my excitement is just building!  I have to do all this now because I work 12 hours in a PICU Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, so other then Tuesday night and Wednesday morning I won’t have too much time to finish this all up after today.



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