Apr 222011

Today I had the opportunity to attend a free lunchtime concert sponsored by WRNR 103.1 in Annapolis at the Annapolis Rams Head Live.  The band was Iron and Wine, which until yesterday I’d never heard of, but John won tickets to the concert and invited me to come with him.  I have to say that I enjoyed the concert quite a bit.  The band has a very folk like tone/feel to it.  There is a banjo and even a woodwind player who plays everything from Clarinet, flute, and sax to a weird almost harmonica but much larger.  There was piano music and a couple female back up singers, too.  It was a great experience, and needless to say my camera went along.  The songs were some of my favorite types: stories, at least on the first listen through that is what it sounded like and my toe was tapping as my camera was clicking.


Photographically this was a challenge for me because of the dim lighting and such.  I had my camera on ISO 3200, and did get a few nice photos, though not quite as many as I would have liked.  It is a constant learning experience and hopefully next time I’ll get even more clearer shots.  Have to admit I like some of the black and white shots though!  It does help when there is poor lighting sometimes!


This was an awesome experience and I grew both photographically and found a great new band to collect music from!

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