Jul 072010

On a recent trip to Ocean City for the Airshow I ran into a big problem.  I was in OC for three days, all of which two of my friends and I were planning to photograph the airshow.  They had press passes and being a fairly new photographer, I didn’t have the credentials to get one yet, but I was able to get some great shots.  Friday went really smoothly.  Half way through the afternoon Saturday, with about half of the show left including the Thunderbirds which was one of my favorite things to shoot on Friday,  my Canon 40D gave me a error 99 message.  It said to check the battery and I know it was hot out, but I checked the battery, changed the battery, and did everything I could think of and even handed my camera to John as I was just so frustrated, and he couldn’t get the camera to work either.

As my only camera body I was upset, I just have to say that having friends with extra bodies is a God send!  I got through the rest of the weekend with their help and got a bunch of good pictures of the remaining planes, including the Thunderbirds both Saturday and Sunday.
The thing that kept my heart going through all this is that when I purchased my camera Refurbished from Adorama Camera (which I would highly recommend to anyone needing camera supplies or equipment, new or used), I also got a 3 year Mack Camera Service Contract.

Sunday evening I looked up Mack Camera’s webpage and easily found out what I had to do to send my camera in for repair.  John believed that my shutter went bad, and that is exactly what had happened.  I arranged to have it sent to them Monday, June 7.  It was sent out to them that day.  I received confirmation that they received it, and less then 2 hours later a notice that parts had been ordered.  On June 17, I was informed that my camera was fixed and in the shipping department to come back to me.  By June 18, it was back in my hands and I was out taking pictures with it again, working as good as new!

I was more then happy with the warranty, the ease of finding directions on the website, and though I wish it could have been fixed and back to me a little quicker, I understand that they don’t keep parts on site and it takes time to order them to do repairs.  The warranty was a great investment and I would highly recommend the Mack Warranty to anyone out there considering getting one!  My camera bag isn’t feeling quite so lonely now with only my film camera inside.

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  1. A spare body is on my list of wants. 🙂 Slowly but surely I’ll get what is on that list!

  2. Your very welcome! Just writing the truth here. 🙂 Had to share with others so they knew.

  3. Thank you for the kind words. We are glad we were able to help you go out capturing beautiful photographs again!

  4. For their great service, Mack’s plans are certainly a bargain. Eventually you’ll want a backup body – when my shutter died it was at Ocean City too, I didn’t have a Mack Warranty though and I shipped it to Canon the very next day. My bill was around $250 for a new shutter mechanism.

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