Mar 292010

The firsts of my photographic career are constant, but this weekend I did three new things.  Each are deserving of their own posts, at

Original concept and idea

least two of them definitely are!  The first one I’m going to write about is studio shooting.  I was pointed in the direction of a photography contest by a friend and had an idea that just wouldn’t leave me, so I went about trying to get a good shot to enter.  The theme of the contest was “I spy with my eye something beginning with the letter ‘J'”.

My brain almost automatically thought of Jelly Beans.  Then I was sitting in my Living Room with my family one night and discovered that my Mom had Jelly Belly Jelly Beans sitting on the table and the colors that mingled together just caught my photographic eye.  I thought that black Plexiglas would be a perfect

The Close-up

background.  I even knew someone who could let me set it up in his studio and get the shots.  I just needed someone to help me with lighting, which I still don’t really know a whole lot about. I discussed the idea with John, who liked my idea, but did point out that this was an advanced contest, so it would need to be a VERY good shot to stand a chance.  The beginners on the site had a similar contest on the same site and the second place winner in that contest also used Jelly Beans.  I just hope I did a good enough job making this a great shot!

John was a little busy getting ready to teach a Photoshop class Saturday, but our

Mound of Jellies!

friend Michelle thought she could spare a few minutes.  We were gathering up lighting stuff to take to the class anyway.  She helped me set it up and capture what I wanted.  In the end I had four shots I really liked, a few that were ok, and a few that were tossed as soon as I took them.  We’ll see how it does in the contest, but I was very proud of the final products of my first studio shoot.

For these shots Michelle set up 2 Nikon Flashes crossing each other so there were no front lying shadows and we triggered them using a Pocket Wizard.  It took a few tries to get the lighting right, but once we figured it out, the results speak for themselves I think. 🙂

Final Shot