Apr 082011

I don’t usually talk politics, but right now I have a little too much frustration in me to keep quiet about what our congressmen are doing right now.


I know there is a lot of talk right now on the government shut down.  I admit that I am totally fed up with our Senators and House of Representatives as they have long forgotten their role in government.  They have been too busy lately catering to Non-US citizens (be it foreign governments or illegal aliens) or lining their own pockets to remember that they are supposed to be in Washington, D.C. representing their citizens.  For the most part they are supposed to be representing the majority of their citizens, without forgetting the minority.  For too long it seems to me they forget the majority and actually take rights away from most of their citizens in order to “protect” the minority.  I admit that I’ve never figured out yet why denying the majority of people increases the rights of the minority.


But back to the business at hand.  Congress is too busy protecting their own salaries (making themselves exempt from many of their own laws) to remember that they their positions were never meant to be permanent, they were never to be above the rest of the US citizens!  They need to stop funding delinquent accounts, they need to pay our servicemen and those out there giving up their lives with their families or literally laying down their lives to defend our way of life here in the US, they need to fund education, they need to fund necessary things.  I admit to thinking that our whole social services needs redone, but that is neither here nor there.  Congress needs to approve a budget and stop trying to throw in things for themselves or for people giving them a lot of money.  They need to do their jobs, cut out all the unnecessary things and actually represent the taxpayers.  I think there is too much waste and that their pettiness is slowly destroying this country.


If the government shuts down it actually affects our representatives little, at least right away.  Maybe the government needs to shut down to wake up the American public.  Make them actually see what they have allowed their elected officials to do.  Too bad that too many innocent/hard working people would pay the price of that, it truly in the end isn’t worth it.


I admit that I’m a little selfish in wanting the budget approved because I have a chance of a life time to go down to Kennedy Space Center and watch a shuttle launch, but if the government shuts down it could delay that again.  BUT I also see my friends and family who are depending on the federal government for their livelihood and it for them that I get the most upset.  Our Congressmen need some sense slapped into them and they need to get over themselves and actually do their job.  PLEASE, Congressmen, open your eyes, your hearts, and your souls and stop the nightmares you are creating with your better then thou attitudes!  See that you are all being ridiculous and spending too much time on something that shouldn’t be this hard!  Use common sense!  Don’t force the military to have very expensive equipment they have no use for, stop adding in things when you know the money isn’t there to fund it!  Get this budget approved so that life and move on.  It is already uncertain whether you’ll see another term of office, although I’m sure too many people are blind to see your flaws and some of you will be re-elected.  I hope the people wake up and see how stupid this all is and elect new people who want to be there, who want to benefit this country and not just make themselves rich.

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