Apr 032011

Pieces for my upcoming trip are coming together, and I can’t help but have excitement course through my veins and nervous system as I sit here and think about it!  I have my airfare (Southwest!  gotta love their policy for photographers…and gear), I have a place to stay (MANY thanks to my Aunt for letting me stay with her in eastern Orlando!), and I have a car rented.  I want to find someone to carpool with as it is always more fun to share adventures…and also easier on the pocketbook to share gas money costs!  Whomever I carpool with just has to have room for my camera gear, as that is definitely going with me!


Today I started working on getting gear ready for the trip.  I do need to ask John to clean my cameras and lenses yet, but I disassembled and cleaned up my tripod with John’s help today…although I did realize that it was broken and of course the pieces to my Manfrotto 3221 tripod are no longer made.  That makes it harder to fix, but John found a used one on Adorama that is supposed to be in excellent condition, so bought that and I now have my old one for parts.  🙂  Still considering selling a few of the parts online to get some extra $$ too.  Will wait to see what condition new one is in for sure, but haven’t gotten a bad item from Adorama yet!  Love that company.  They are fast to deliver and service is great!


I’ll keep sharing my adventure with you as things occur!!  Loved my first NASA Tweetup experience in DC when I got to meet Astronaut TJ Creamer on July 29, 2010, but this is a homerun experience…that was a 1st base experience!