Oct 252010

Today I spent the day in Frederick with my sister and niece.  Towards the end of the day we were at Bakers’ Field, a park there and I saw this fella scratching his nose after giving himself a bath in a little pond located in the park.  I have to say that it was funny watching him and his playmates.  🙂  It was also a great day with my sister and niece!

Oct 242010

Well, this posting a picture a day thing didn’t work too well when I got sick for a week and then went on vacation where I had no access to the internet.  Doesn’t make it easy to post in those situations.  Back again and I hope to do better.  Hope everyone is well and that this time I stay on track.  At least posting every other day!  At work right now, so I’ll post a picture later.

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Oct 012010

Today I was busy, but I knew where I wanted to get today’s photo (though when this will be posted will be just after midnight…so I guess this was yesterday’s photo).  I went to my Chakra Practicum and then afterwards when to my Hapkido class.  I had a great workout and ran through all my self defense and at the end of the night realized I hadn’t gotten any pictures, so while Mr. Chris, my instructor at United Hapkido in Eldersburg Maryland, gave a couple private lessons, I took a few pictures including this one of him.  I was also experimenting with my flash.  Don’t like using it, but sometimes it is necessary.  Loved bouncing it off the ceiling in this setting.