Sep 202010

This summer has gone past so quickly!  I can’t believe that fall is here already!  This summer has held several adventures.  Some were repeats of places I’ve been before but yet different from other times I went.  It is awesome to go back to places to see how they change with the seasons.  It is also great to get a good look at what you photographed at home and go back with a new mind set, or with new techniques to improve on what you got before or even just to show a different side.

One of the places I’ve now seen in the fall, winter, spring, and summer is Blackwater on the eastern-shore of Maryland.  I have to say that in June it was awesome to see the frogs and the water birds with their young, the bees, and the spring flowers.  At the beginning of September we found some Bald Eagles there, even though that is not the typical time of year to find them.  We saw many fewer birds, the land was more dried up, and the flowers were more in the yellow and fall type tones then the summer tones of purple, white, and pink.  There were still turtles around, but not as many as we saw in June and the water birds were harder to find, there were fewer of them out in the open anyway.

A fun project would  be to get some better fall and winter shots then I currently have from Blackwater and then make a collage of the seasons there.  Each season has its own beauty and it is fun to watch nature turn.

The end of summer brought my beach vacations and it is amazing how different they can be with different people with you at different places.  This year I did not get too many shots to blog about here, though some of my family memories were captured as I experimented with a new Canon G11 that I’d purchased to take on a trip to Mexico in October.  Now with the G12 coming out I returned the G11 in anticipation for the G12, but have to admit that the G11 is a well built and nice little camera.  I was able to get some great night shots of my family jumping in the pool at the house we stayed in.  The 1600 ISO came in handy to get action shots in the darker conditions, too.  I’m just hoping the G12 is sent out to us by October 10th when we leave, also that the underwater housing is also going out with it!  Want it to take snorkeling with me.

The beginning of September found me in Ocean City, Maryland.  I experimented with beach family shots, with boardwalk shots in the sun, and longer exposure shots at night.  I went on many walks this summer and now looking back wonder where the summer truly went!  Can’t wait to see what will be next.