Apr 142010

A couple weekends ago I had a few firsts.  I already wrote about my first studio shoot.  The next day I did my first work with models.  It was an organized event, but since one of the organizers was someone close to me, I got to assist in setting up the lighting, too.  I’m still learning what to do with lighting, so this post isn’t going to be about that, but about working with models.  The models were all from Model Mayhem, an organization that assists photographers, models, make-up artists, and others involved in the photography industry to find others in different categories.  It is for beginners and those with a bit of experience.  It was great to work with these talented people.

The lighting was set up by the pros…those who knew what they were doing and I had to get a bit of help making sure settings on my camera were appropriate sometimes, but over all, I was very happy with the results.  The models were all very professional, they were easy to work with, and tolerated those of us at the workshop who had never had the chance to work with them before.  They tried to give us the photos we were after.  I learned that getting great photos from a model is a group effort.  We had a great make-up artist, a few great props, great lighting, and great teachers there to assist us through the process.

I was able to capture several sides of one of the models, innocence versus bad-girl was 2 sides of the model Caroline Forrester. Lacey Fleshman was fun to shoot and very adaptive.  She braved the cooler air outside to let us shoot her in a short sleeved polka dotted dress. Ellen Flynn was fun to shoot, I preferred her pouty faces or her bright smiles when they reached her eyes.  I really enjoyed getting a few good shots of her shoulder tattoo. Darian Agnew was fun to shoot at the pool table inside and on the Harley Davidson with Caroline or even by himself.  His bad-boy side was brought out most at this photo shoot.  It would be fun to get him in a different setting to see what side could be brought out.

There were great backgrounds, a Harley Davidson, a Camero convertible, and a black and gray Chevelle used with the models provided by friends of one of the organizers and they were all great!  The cars could be used in their entirety or only in portions as the photographer thought was appropriate.

My hope is to be able to work with these talented models again in the future, maybe even be better able to instruct them, too. Learning to set up my own lighting would also be great. I have a lot left to learn, but with the help of my friends and their friends, I hope to keep advancing my skills in all aspects of photography.