Feb 082010

This past weekend John, Michelle, and I set out for a weekend of photography.  Think we spent a lot more time in the car when we would have preferred due to the snow that decided to come visit and ruin a few of John’s plans for us.  What we were doing on the trip was a complete mystery to Michelle and I.  We got clues along the way and had to figure out what we were doing.

First stop was Solomons, Maryland.  Specifically the Drum Point Lighthouse.  I admit I was a bit surprised when Friday we got there and then were told that the rest of the day was up to us.  We hadn’t planned anything because we were told we’d get clues…so was a bit harder to figure out where to go, but we had fun anyway.  I have to say that the landscape in southern Maryland is BEAUTIFUL!  Once the snow fell the difficulty was safety as the shoulders of the roads weren’t plowed, so some shots were missed because we just couldn’t get out of car.

We ended up going to Point Lookout and the Naval Aircraft Museum before going to John and Michelle’s friend Carrie’s house.  We stayed there the night and ate dinner at Catamaran’s a restaurant in Solomons whose chief chef right now is “Big Boy” from the 5th and 6th season of Hell’s Kitchen.  The food was good and it was a nice evening.  🙂

Saturday we got up and headed towards Chancellorsville battlefield in Virginia looking for Stonewall Jackson’s left arm, at least the gravestone marking where it was buried, but alas snow had started to fall around us which delayed our arrival (due to driving carefully to stay safe from the drivers who didn’t know how to drive in it) and then the visitors center was closed and snow covered all the markers, so we were unsure exactly how to find it.  We’ll have to return in the spring, summer, or fall and try that part of our adventure again.  We did go to Downtown Culpepper and got a few snowy shots from there.

We ended the day in Harrisonburg, Virginia and had a nice dinner of wings to celebrate John’s birthday.  Have to say that ending the evening in the hot-tub at the hotel was awefully nice, too!

Sunday we didn’t go with John’s original plans which was to go to Luray Caverns.  They are for another day.  We went to Natural Bridge and though the snow also prevented us from everything there, and delayed the opening of this park, we got to see the bridge itself.  We were prevented from walking under the bridge due to the falling of icicles from the bridge and for safety.  We got a few great farmscapes while we waited for the chance to shoot natural bridge and then headed back home.  🙂

I have to recommend all parts of our trip, although would recommend not doing it all in the snow.  That slowed us down and prevented a few plans.  I have learned that as a photographer, there is almost always something to shoot.  It may not be what you originally planned, but if you look you’ll find something worth your time and effort!