Jan 222010

Yesterday I celebrated turning 33 with my twin sister, Cyndi, and my boyfriend John.  (and everyone one else who sent me nice messages and said hi!)   It was a quiet day with 2 people I love that are different sides to me.  Over the day I thought about things I want to do goals I want to achieve, places I want to go, and things I want to learn.

As a pediatric nurse, I’m strongly thinking about volunteering to go to Haiti.  As a bit of a photographer, I’d definitely want to take my camera with me if I can…if not my good one, then a point and shoot to remember the moments, to take pictures of the things I’m seeing there.  My hospital (Children’s National Medical Center) is asking for volunteers to go work in ORs…and as a Pediatric Intensive Care nurse, it would be an experience I’d never forget.  My Mom has volunteered to go and I just think it would be nice to do something like that once.  I know conditions aren’t great, I know that I’d be roughing it.  BUT, I’d be serving people which is something I’ve felt the call to do for years now.  That is one reason I’m a nurse.  I love to take care of people and as tough as it can be sometimes, it has it’s rewards, too.

I’ve been wanting to get better at portraiture and I think that as a nurse, the As I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation is something I could see myself becoming a part of…once I know I can take pictures that would assist the families in healing after the loss of a child.  I could even see trying to do something for older children’s families.  I see a lot of tough things where I work, and sometimes one has to cope by giving back, by finding hope for these families…that their children are no longer suffering, that they are with God (in whatever form the family believes).  I couldn’t do my job without faith that God takes these sick and suffering children and makes them whole.

I want to learn how to better edit a photo, how to take better photos, how to take better portraits, and how to capture what I see.  I have a creative eye, sometimes I struggle with the technicalities of photography.  My main teacher goes from one new exciting discovery to another moving on from shooting mostly digital images when we first started dating in October of 2008 to now shooting mostly film and re-learning how to develop it and also make enlargements.  He is all about the darkroom and I think sometimes he forgets I haven’t done all this for years and years like he has.  I’m still learning the basics and I’m trying to be as excited about all the other aspects of photography…but sometimes I can’t quite keep up because I’m still trying to learn aperture, focal length, and shutter speed.  I’m loving every minute of every adventure though and I look forward to going places and continuing this exciting adventure.

I think what I love shooting the most is nature, animals especially.  I just need to keep doing it so that I know what makes the best photo in the end.  I admit that I also really want another lens.  I think I need a longer focus…especially for shooting birds and wild animals.  I’m getting there and hopefully soon will be able to add a Canon EF 70-200 IS lens to my camera bag.  I’m saving for it.

Not only do I want to shoot nature, but history, and places, and people.  I’ve already said I want to improve my portraiture skills (as I’ve done next to none other then family pictures) but I also want to see different parts of the world!  There are so many national parks out there to see, so many countries that I can’t wait to visit someday!  I have to say that the best vacation I’ve ever been on was a 10 day trip to Rome back in 2007.  Wish I was more into photography then!  I have a bunch of great images from my point and shoot, but I just imagine what I’d have been able to capture if I knew more about how my camera worked!  I just have it on my must return to someday list.  I also look forward to someday going to England, Ireland, Scotland, back to Germany, and to many other places!  That is on top of exploring different parts of the United States I have yet to see.  Life is an adventure and I’m blessed to be able to share it with my friends, family, and others who look at my pictures.

I’m always open to suggestions, criticism (as long as it is constructive), and of course praise.  I need all the above to keep moving forward!