Sep 272012

Not from the preserve, but from Bombay Hook.

Have you ever been fascinated by wildlife?  Have you ever dreamed of getting close (as close as 3-4 feet!) from wild wolves?  Lakota Wolf Preserve is a great place for you then!  This facility in Columbia, NJ is home to 4 packs of wolves; including Timber, Tundra, and Arctic wolves along with Bobcats and foxes that live at the preserve.  The facility is owned by Jim Stein and Dan and Pam Bacon and allows visitors to watch the wolves in native and natural surroundings.


If you are just interested in visiting and learning more about the wolves the facility offers 2 1.5 hour wolf watch programs during which visitors can ask as many questions as they would like and talk to people who work with and may even have helped raise some of the wolves present.  Ask about their living structure and eating habits or just about the differences between the different types of wolves.  For those who are into photography, a private 2 hour photo tour can be set up for $300 per person (groups greater then 5 can call for special group prices) and get closer, behind the scenes views of the wolves without the obstruction of the chain link fence that is around the normal public viewing area.


Reservations are needed for groups, or during the week.  No reservations are needed for Saturdays or Sundays for families or individuals.  The preserve is closed on Mondays.


We are going this weekend for a photography tour along with spending some time at the Delaware Water Gap Saturday.  I look forward to sharing my pictures from the experience with you when we return!  For more information, visit:

Not from the preserve, but my next ones will be!!