Aug 162012

Lately I’ve found myself trying to build my family portraiture portfolio.  This is a learning experience because there is so much to consider.  I’ve been building my infant and child portfolios, too, and they have similar challenges.  When young children are involved a photographer needs to keep in mind that it by necessity needs to be a short shoot.  Get in the beginning the shots you really want because that is usually the best chance you have, then you can try to fill in a few others if the child/infant is up to it.  As a pediatric nurse I know what to expect from most kids, but each child is an individual and one is never totally in the know.  Some kids work better when Mom and Dad are present, others are better behaved when they are no where in site.  Sometimes the parents think they are helping by adding comments and such, but sometimes they just distract.  This can be said for any extra person in the studio…if that is where you are shooting.  Being outside has it’s own challenges…and add in pets…and one could easily throw ones hands in the air and say ENOUGH, but I love the challenges that each of these things have brought.

Family portrait in the studio

Family portrait outside

family portrait outside and with pets


Through these shoots I’ve dealt with an healthy infant, one who had shoots earlier in the day, and one who had a stomach flu.  Sometimes we get thrown curve balls, but good results can still be had!!

Aug 212011



This summer has sped by and though it isn’t quite over…fall is fast approaching.  This fall watch for a few blogs on The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in October, Disney and Shiprocked Cruise in November, and few smaller events in-between.  But this summer has found me gaining experience with a few other things.  I had the honor of doing my first child shoot with 2 beautiful girls (ok, one was a 13 year old).  I did a couples shoot.  I also did my first maternity shoot with a wonderful model Fallyn.  I also did a couple shoots with a couple local roller girls who are Roller Derby players here in Baltimore.


Working with children is something I do daily, but it is very different working with children and young teenagers in the studio then working with them in a hospital.  They can be more cooperative because this is something they actually WANT to do, unlike being in the hospital.  It is fun to watch them start to have fun changing positions and loosen up in front of the camera as you work with them.  Sometimes the camera can be a daunting thing, and the pictures improve as model gets more used to working with you.  The pictures become more natural.  Sometimes the studio isn’t the best place to have younger kids, they need to have toys or fun objects to interact with in order to get good pictures.  But I worked with an older school aged girl and her 13 year old sister.  They both seemed to have fun and relax once we got shooting, creating a few very good images.







When a couple is together for a while they want photographs together and Anna and Mick are no exception.  This was fun to work with a couple friends and to get some great shots of them as individuals and together.







A new model, Brittany, also modeled for me this summer:






Fallyn is a model I’ve worked with in the past, but it also happens that now she was expecting a little girl to come into her life, so I was given the chance to get some beautiful maternity pictures.







The last couple shoots I participated in were with Ela Trick and TwiBite a couple local roller girls who play in Baltimore.  This was fun and added the challenge of having roller skates in the studio.  This was fun and the girls were thrilled with some of the images I was able to provide them with.

Ela Trick













These are just a few pictures from each shoot.  I’ve shared more on my Flickr site, feel free to check them out there!  This has been a great summer with a lot of portraiture on my part.  Hope you’ve enjoyed some of the images I’ve collected this summer and I look forward to what the fall has to bring!  Think I’m most excited about going to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in October.


Apr 042011

Lately I have been working on building my portfolio.  Along with that, I have had a few photo sessions in John’s studio.  I have to say many thanks to my friend Holly and a few of her friends for coming and letting me photography them.  Many thanks to their parents for allowing them to come!  Now I have a few ideas how to better shoot teens, how to make it fun for them, help them relax, and how to pose them.  Lighting is something I’m working on learning, too, but I do have a great lighting guy that is very patient and teaches me more and more with each shoot!  (Thanks John!!).


The first thing I had to do was work on coming up with some poses that look good and create some great shots.  I did some research in John’s books and online.  Posing of women seems to be all over the net, but since this was teenagers, I had to make sure the poses weren’t too provocative, but yet still displayed the girls in a way that help them look great.  They brought some great props and jewelry that helped, too.  John played with the lighting and gave some great dynamic background colors, which also made the shots stand out.  This was the second time Holly posed for me, and I think I’ll remember some of the poses from that shoot, too as some of the ground shots just really worked, at least for her!  I want to get more shots of them including props of activities, but for a start, this was a lot of fun and a learning experience for all of us.


Sep 252010

Today I spent the day at a Coast Guard Base with a bunch of Strobist photographers (meaning using lighting off camera only).  We picnicked and had two wonderful models pose for us throughout the day.  I’ll be back with probably many more, but wanted to highlight both models in today’s blog.  Here is beautiful Cultural Enigma and Fallyn, our models for the day.

Sep 222010

School is back in session which means that fall is closing in, but the summer heat is still around.  This is a day of beginnings and I hope that I can keep going with this.   I was asked to take a picture of my niece in one of my sister’s favorite  summer dresses that she surely will outgrow by next year.  Since she is very often with me when I’m photographing things and experimenting , I have a feeling she may frequently show up here if my sister allows.  🙂  She gave her permission, so I’ll start my a picture a day blog with this new one of her.  🙂